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At Brown and White we have always done our utmost to ensure that people’s vision remains as good as it can be. However, some eye conditions are progressive and can lead to poor vision.

When it happens it can be difficult to get the time and good advice that can make your life easier, to find the aids and magnifiers that can help you with everyday tasks. At our Houghton Regis premises we can offer a private full Low Vision assessment and advice session. This can then be followed up with reviews as required. Please download our leaflet for more information. We can offer a satellite service at our other branches on a need basis and in extreme circumstances a domicilary service should there be absolutely no way of getting to the practice.

Until 2008, our Low Vision optometrist, Elizabeth Mitchell, worked for a number of years as Optometrist for Bedfordshire Low Vision Services at Sight Concern Bedfordshire. These services were National Finalists for the “Queen Mother’s Award for Dignity in Care of Older People” in 2006.

Whilst working for Sight Concern, Elizabeth wrote a series of short informal articles for the society’s “News and Views” magazine, and some of these are reproduced here. The purpose of these articles is to dispel some of the common myths and misunderstandings surrounding Low Vision.

The Macula Disease Society publishes two good leaflets one on Low Vision Aids and the second on Glare.