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Eye Examination


At Brown and White we take eyecare very seriously. It is not all about selling glasses but about checking your eyes for health and finding the best possible prescription for you if you need one. It is about giving you the advice and reassurance you need to be happy with your vision. That is why we have some of the best equipped consulting rooms in the country. We have state of the art technology and are always looking for new equipment or techniques that help us to detect things earlier.

Time is important and we try to give you the time that is needed rather than rush you through in too short a period. Our Enhanced GOLD and SILVER level eye examination and Ocular Health Checks are a double length appointment booked with your personal Optometrist. Our NHS Eligible clients who are entitled to the Basic NHS single appointment length appointment  Government funded sight test are encouraged to upgrade to our enhanced service as we firmly believe that the extra time, further refinement and technology enhancements are of great benefit to all. For more information see our Examinations Leaflet.

Most children will not require the extended eye examination. Certain simple examinations (such as after a cataract operation) will still be adequately covered by the Basic NHS funded sight test. Patients under active hospital treatment (e.g. for glaucoma) may not require the extended examination but may wish to take up the added benefit of the OCT 3-D Retinal Scan to monitor their condition and report on it.

NHS patients who require a second opinion or have been referred to us by their GP or other healthcare worker really do need the extra time of the enhanced service and would be required to upgrade.

Certain patients, NHS or private, may require additional diagnostic procedures or tests which may sometimes be conducted on a different day to the eye examination. A scale of fees and charges is listed in this leaflet.

Our staff are constantly updated with the latest developments and attend regular training events.

Once we have the absolute best result for you in the Examination Room we would also like to give you the same excellent advice regarding your choice of eyewear. At Brown and White we like to use quality German lenses when available and have a great range of Classic and Designer styles to suit all pockets.