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3D – OCT

Topcon’s OCT 2000 was installed in ALL branches of Brown and White during 2010. This technology uses light like an MRI uses magnets to form a detailed layer by layer 3-Dimensional scan of the back of the eye.

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This stunning state of the art technology has just been developed and combines normal Retinal Photography with the 3D eye scan. During our Gold Level Enhanced Eye Examination scans are routinely taken of both the Macula and the Optic Nerve and are analysed to show the earliest signs of Retinal diseases before they are often visible on the surface. We can also take scans of the front of the eye to look for problems in the Cornea or the angle between the Cornea and the Iris.

This examination is recommended by the Macula Disease Society and Moorfields Eye Hospital has installed 15 of these new instruments in their clinics and  outreach clinics