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Our commitment to an excellent customer experience means that we strive to offer the best, that is why we have state of the art Topcon/Nikon retinal imaging systems, digital slit lamps and combined auto-keratometer/ auto-refractor units, with corneal topography.

At Brown and White we strive to provide you with the highest standard of eye care available. Since 2002, we have been using a Digital Retinal Camera which will allow us to take photographs of the back surface (retina) of your eyes.

The procedure is comfortable and the image captured in seconds using flash photography, nothing touches your eyes.


  • A permanent and accurate record can be kept of the condition of your eyes
  • Changes too small to be seen using traditional methods can be picked up
  • Improved detection of early changes by comparing year on year
  • Allows you to see what we see, to understand any changes taking place
  • Allows more refined and accurate referral to a specialist if required