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This lady came to us and was complaining of poor vision in her right eye. Her vision was not as good as expected by about 4 lines on the test chart.

Retinal photographs were taken, shown to the right here which look pretty normal. The lady opted for us to investigate further and we carried out OCT scans and found that the jelly in the eye had come away from the back of the eye which it does in most people as they get older. However in this lady the vitreous had lifted and pulled the delicate layers and produced a hole through all the layers. This meant that there were no receptors right in the centre giving a small blank area right in the centre of her vision. She was referred to the hospital eye service for treatment using an oil bubble to settle the retina back down and seal the hole.

retinalhole retinalholeblack


See the Retinal Full Thickness OCT Scan here.