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At Brown and White we enjoy becoming involved in all aspects of vision care, so although we do not actually perform the surgery, we can take care of you while you go through this process. If spectacles or contact lenses are not for you, then you may be considering the option of Laser Surgery. We do screening and consultation prior to referral to our partners in Harley Street, Advanced Vision Care. After treatment we then look after you for all of your post operative checks. This means that we are there when you need us, without the necessity for travel back to the Laser vision clinic. Our Opticians have been fully trained by the clinic to enable them to provide this aftercare service for up to eighteen months post surgery. If you are interested in this as a solution to your visual defect, then read on.



Advanced Vision Care & Brown and White Opticians

We are proud to now be in partnership with Advanced Vision Care (AVC).  By working with AVC, we can offer you the convenience of an independent point of view, as well as local appointments for your initial assessment and continuous aftercare whilst the treatment takes place at AVC’s specialist clinic in Harley Street.  Our findings are passed on to the surgeon at AVC who remains ultimately responsible for your welfare.

AVC is one of the UK’s leading independent corrective eye clinics, and their team is led by Mr CT Pillai MD DO, FRCS, FRCOpth, who was one of the first surgeons to perform bilateral laser eye treatment in the UK.
AVC’s clinical team are highly respected within their field of expertise and many of them regularly lecture, train and educate fellow ophthalmic and optometric colleagues on a variety of clinical subjects. Consequently, global eye care company Technolas (Bausch & Lomb), has chosen to work with AVC to facilitate ongoing education and training within the optical community on the latest advances in refractive surgery.

AVC will take time to reassure you, answer your questions, and familiarise you with every stage of the diagnostic, treatment and post-treatment process, and you will always have a consultation with your surgeon before the treatment day.  This is unlike high street laser centres.  AVC will advise on all kinds of refractive surgery and the consultations will be on a personal basis with a specialist, not a series of different people.

AVC is at the forefront of treatment innovation and with the evolution of new techniques and procedures, corrective eye surgery is now a real possibility for those with complex prescriptions and eye conditions.

The AVC Promise

– We only treat patients if we can make a real difference
– We offer every patient genuine Lifetime Care and Commitment
– We provide luxury accommodation following treatment for every patient and their companion
– We will only give honest, ethical advice.

Mr Pillai has a track record of over 15,000 successful surgeries. 99.9% achieve driving standard, 99.4% of his patients no longer need glasses, 91.5% achieved 6/6 or 20/20 vision.

The surgery is completed on both eyes in one day, under local anaesthetic. It’s not painful, and as surgery progresses you see instant improvement in your sight.

Who is Suitable for Treatment?

As with any surgical procedure, there are limits to who is suitable. With this type of surgery there are possible limitations due to your prescription and your health. Mr Pillai makes the final decision so there are always exceptions to these general guidelines.

Your prescription must be have been stable for the past two years.
The prescription band that can be treated is within +4.00 to -9.00. Other procedures are available if your prescription is outside this range all the way up to +25.00 or -25.00!
Your eyes must be healthy, so any conditions such as Glaucoma or Cataract must be treated. Recurrent eye disease or other abnormalities would need assessment.
You must be mentally stable
Your cornea must be thick enough to allow safe treatment.
You must have reasonable expectations from the procedure Mr Pillai will discuss this with you.
Your general health must be good.

Post surgery there are some possible risks to eye health. These include corneal inflammation or infection, and dry eyes. Obviously Mr Pillai does not go ahead with surgery if there is any doubt about the result.

How the Procedure Works

There are several different methods of surgery, and Mr Pillai will decide on the right treatment for you. The basic method is the same, whichever technique is best for you. A Laser is used to reshape the cornea – this is the transparent window that covers the front surface of the eyeball. This change in curvature of the cornea alters the way that light is focussed onto your retina, and corrects your former visual defect.

How Much Does It Cost?

AVC charge one inclusive price; there are no hidden extras. We do not believe in luring people in with the infamous ‘starts from…’. AVC strongly believes in competitive and transparent pricing.

The fee does not just cover the surgery itself. Included in the price is:

Initial assessment with suitability consultation and counselling.
24-hour access to AVC’s lead surgeon (post treatment)
All after-care appointments
All medication and post-operative medication for one month
Luxury accommodation for every patient and their companion (one night pre or post treatment)
Option of Saturday surgery
Re-treatments for up to 12 months (In the unlikely event that it is necessary)

Depending upon the technique used the cost will be between £1250 and £2500 per eye, 90% of people go for the great results from Intralase Advanced Wavefront LASIK (Blade-free) which is £2150 per eye (correct as at 1/12/11).

You can spread the cost of your laser eye surgery for just £49 a month per eye

Why wait? AVC offer a range of affordable payment options including 0% finance for up to 18 months so that you can enjoy the freedom of excellent vision without delay.

So What If I Want To Go Ahead?

Firstly, you come and see your Optometrist for an initial assessment. This is free even if you do not go ahead with the procedure.

If you decide to go ahead, you go to London for assessment at the Advanced Vision Care Clinic. Further check ups are made and Mr Pillai makes decisions about treatment.

You stay in the hotel overnight and have surgery the following day.

After surgery you have check ups at 1 day, 1 week, 6 weeks, 3, 6, 12, and 18 months after surgery. This aftercare is done in practice at any of the Brown and White branches, by your Optician.

Eye drops must be used for the first few weeks, and possibly a protective contact lens.

Initially you wear protective goggles at night when sleeping.

Any of our Opticians would be happy to discuss this with you in person if you are interested in laser surgery. You also need to think about what happens on the day as someone needs to travel with you, and there is a short recovery period.