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Hearing & Mobility provide a range of hearing services at Brown and White Opticians at all our branches. You will receive a full hearing assessment by their fully qualified Hearing Aid Audiologists, Wilson, Roger and Aphra, who will offer advice and recommendations about your hearing at no cost.
Hearing and Mobility use all of the major manufacturers of hearing aids:

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  • Siemens – Motion, Pure, Life.
  • GN Resound – Live Series, Dot Series, Be Series.
  • Widex – Mind 440, Mind 330, Inteo, Passion, Aikia, Flash, Real.
  • Phonak – Exelia, Versata, Audeo, Certina, Nadia.
  • Oticon – Agil Pro, Epoq Range, Dual, Hit, Sumo.
  • Starkey – S Series, E Series.
  • Bernafon – Verite, Brite, Icos.
  • Unitron – Passport, Latitud.

These are supplied at up to half the cost of some other National Chains.
Cost vary from £990 for a pair of 4 channel hearing aids up to £3400 (retailing at well over £5000 in most hearing companies) for the best 20 channel linked pair of customised programmed hearing aids. All with a strict 60 day money back guarantee.

Benefits of having regular hearing tests:

Recent findings from 35,000 people aged 55-74 found that routine hearing tests offer substantial benefits.  It concluded that identifying hearing loss early is vital to improve quality of life and the chance of a solution being effective.

Hearing tests are provided by the private industry free of charge. In line with declared government initiatives aimed at ‘prevention is better than cure’, Hearing and Mobility in association with Brown and White Opticians has stepped up its capacity at a local level. Just as you might have regular eye tests, you should also arrange for a hearing test. So if you are over 50 or if you feel or know that you have a hearing problem call us now to arrange a suitable appointment.